French castles and vineyards

Castles wedding venues and vineyards

Castle wedding venues exclusive selection. Passion and history to celebrate your marriage in the most stunning worldwide venues. Book now ! Old stones, family estate and vineyards in the most famous french area. Get married in our most romantic chateaux.


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Why choosing a castle to get married ?

“Châteaux” as the french are saying, are all a symbol of strength, power and high style which lived trough history. We exclusively selected castles maintained and managed by passionate and wealthy owners. Therefore you are ensured that whatever historical monument venue you pick on had been fully optimized for weddings.

Where to choose your castle

The higher concentration of castles is found in Europe with the vast majority of them in France. This is why we decided to have our main wedding castles selection in France: the diversity is amazing and the price very (very) friendly, even close to Paris !

Feel free to discover our best estates :

  • Castles for wedding close to Paris
  • Castles for wedding in Pays de Loire
  • Wedding castles south of France

Included in our castle wedding venues

All are castle venues have been validated following a strict quality selection process and almost all include :

  • Visit with the owner
  • Historical rooms in the castle
  • Swimming pool
  • Private chapel
  • Stunning backgrounds for ceremony and wedding pictures
  • Accommodation network
  • Guenine style and history
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