Price and quality protection

On top of submitting all our partners with a very strict selection process, with decided to make all our partners sign the price and quality engagement document described below, because we constantly negotiate the best price but refuse to make any compromise on the quality.

Price and quality engagements – signed by all our partners

  1. We offer you the best conditions available on the market at the time of your request.
  2. Random quality inspections are possible up to twice per year
  3. As part of the quality program, every customer will be requested to submit a quality feedback on every partner
  4. More than two valid negative comments on a specific partner will disqualify him from being part of our program
  5. A valid cancelation & civil liability insurance certificate must be in the possession of each partner

You are protected by our pricing policy !

As event planners, it is our mission our to get the best price for our customers. This is why all our wedding suppliers had to sign a strict pricing policy to be part of our wedding program. On top of this, as prices are depending on many factors (the local area, period of the year, quality & name of the supplier), we always perform a local wedding suppliers benchmark before selecting our partners.

Our pricing policy includes :

  • Fair pricing protection
  • No underpriced or overpriced services
  • Best quality / price combinations
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