About-us : meet the team !

Meet the happy wedding planners team !

We are a happy team & we love our job.

We have all been in the wedding planning environment for a long time before joining the company. Our daily motivation is to organise exclusive weddings worldwide with only one guideline: make your dream come true at the best price possible.

Our team is composed of young and dynamic project managers, bloggers and partners from all around the world !

Founder : Jean-Sébastien Dumielle

Jean is spending all his time traveling worldwide, so as to discover some new exclusive venues & secret jewels for you. His leadership and enthusiasm are an inspiration for all of-us ! After having developed and managed a few destination wedding castles in France, he decided to create Feel27 to give an easy access to any worldwide Bride willing to get married abroad. Jean is as well a part-time Airline pilot.  

His favorite quote is :

“True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating things new.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Wedding planners : Jessy, Loic, James and Marta

Trained and managed by Marta, they are responsible for your events and are the ones who will be physically present during the day. To make it easier for you, you will only talk to one project manager. But internally we all encourage a constant dynamic team spirit !

Every one of them will be getting a report from you after each event so as to keep our high standards.

Communication / E-marketing / partnership development : Upiwork team

A great worldwide team exclusively composed of specialists. Wanna join ?

Our wedding suppliers: worldwide event companies

Passionate by their respective specialities and happy to work as a team, we exclusively work with the workers of the wedding industry. Representing all the jobs which could possibly be related to your event, they are the one who will create the magic for you and your guests. To us they are the real artists and this is why we love them.

We are constantly looking for some new partners worldwide, should you wish to join-us please contact-us !





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